In SONO MED, we cure alcoholism, drug and other addictions quickly and confidentially. We offer esperal (disulfiram) and naltrexone (nalorex) implantation to support therapy. The therapy covers also alcohol and drug detoxification through drips containing glucose, saline, medications, Relanium, Calcium, vitamin B12 and, if need be, Ketonal). These exertions enable to sober comfortably.

We also offer to our patients psychological care and counseling, which allow to come back to social life. Psychotherapist guides and advises patients possible professional perspectives and activities that will let to feel the joy of sober life.

SONO MED offers also in house medical services, medical testimonials and sick leaves issuing.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, drug abuse and codependency – these are our areas of expertise, as almost each of us has own experience of overcoming these insidious and tremendous sicknesses. Due to our personal experience, we are able to better understand psychological processes impacting addicted persons and induce them to overcome their addiction, even without initial belief or willingness to make it happen. It is also natural for us to support our patients families and teach them consistent approach to addicted person, leading to start (and persevere in) therapy.