Treatment of alcoholism

It is said that alcoholism is just a habit or an occasional addition to everyday life. For us, professionals, it is obvious, that alcoholism may be a sickness leading to necessity of therapy adn treatment.

An alcoholism process

Alcohol addiction has specific origins and evolution.

It starts usually with 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol – nice feeling, isn’t it? Relaxation, mood improvement, detente, sometimes fear reduction, for example caused by public speeches. Several hours later a person comes back to original mental condition, so there is no problem existing so far.

Unfortunately, for some individuals, these initial experiences cause lead to reiteration, most often with larger doses of alcohol and shorter and shorter breaks. The base mood becomes hard to achieve.

Alcoholism changes people

Everyday drinking becomes a fact. At first it lasts 1-2 days, then 3-7 days, a month or several months. We observed people drinking for several months without any break, until total physical exhaustion.

Alcohol addicted people change over time – they become more nervous, irascible, sometimes aggressive, suffering from permanent bad mood. This is a period of dejection, depression, and sometimes potential self annihilation, if suicidal thoughts appear.

Alcohol overconsumption may cause further damages in brain, like alcohol epilepsy or psychosis. Delirium – the one most frequently observed – is sometimes a subject of jokes. Other – like morbid jealousy – are definitely frightening.

All of the above is caused by a neurotoxin called alcohol and has to lead to alcoholism treatment.