SONO MED offers a wide range of alcoholism and drug addiction treatment.

  • Addictions treatment

SONO MED offers home and dispensary based addictions treatment. Family assistance plays a key role in successful addictions treatment – merged with proper pharmaceuticals and psyhological aid creates appropriate conditions for successful therapy and addiction recovery.

  • Detoxification

The detoxification process allows both to treat the acute physiological effects of stopping alkohol drinking and to remove physical ailments being a result of long lasting alcohol drinking.

  • Esperal (disulfiram)

Disulfiram containing drugs (Anticol, Antabus or Esperal) are aversive therapeutical metods for alcohol abuse and addiction. Disulfiram-based pharmaceuticals, combined with alcohol, cause unpleasant reaction of a body, similar to intoxication. Fear of this reaction reduces the craving for alcohol and drunk quantity of it.

  • Naltrexone

Due to naltrexone injection, alcohol-addicted Patients experience significant mood improvement, reducing craving for alcohol. Naltrexone is especially effective in treatment of Patients experiencing uncontrolled euphoria caused by alcohol.

  • Drug addiction treatment

SONO MED offers complex drug addition treatment service, covering both detoxification and professional care during further therapy steps. SONO MED guarantees to Patients full discretion during therapy and after its ending. Drug addiction treatment is offered both at Patients home and in our dispensary.

  • Medical coverage

SONO MED offers also professional medical coverage services. Our offer covers both logistical support and complex medical coverage of massive events. Coverage plan elaboration and necessary aids selection is provided free of charge.