Esperal – Disulfiram

Sono Med offers Disulfiram-Esperal implantation. This medical compound interfere alcohol metabolism, inhibits activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase enzymes, which catalyse oxidation of acetaldehyde to less harmful acetic acid. Acetaldehyde accumulation in the system result in poisoning symptoms, the so called disulfiram effect.

Usage of disulfiram containing drugs (Anticol, Antabuse, Esperal) is clasified as an aversive alcoholism treatment method. As a result of disulfiram taking (sometimes as a surgical, hypodermic injection, resulting in constant and stable disulfiram release to system), alcohol consumption causes a very unpleasant body reaction – fear of it induces cessation of alcohol intake.

Esperal - zdjęcie z zabiegu

This alcoholism treatment method requires patient’s acceptance and is conducted under medical control. Esperal – disulfiram injection is made under local anesthesia, and pills are placed in upper part of a buttock. The surgery is virtually painless. Surgery seams should be removed aproximately 10 days after the surgery.

Esperal – disulfiram efficiency

Among patients treated by Esperal, we observed numerous successes in professional, family and social aspects of their lives. These successes result from need to direct their vital energy, released after alcoholism break, into new fields.

Contraindications for Esperal – Disulfiram treatment

  • sensitiveness to Disulfiram
  • alcohol intoxication or alcohol consumption 48 hours before the surgery (also consumption of compound covering ethanol)
  • usage of paraldehyde or metronidazole 12 hours before the surgery
  • exposure to ethylene dibromide
  • heart failure
  • peripheral circulatory system failure
  • myocardical infarction
  • ischemic heart disease
  • inflammation of the arterial occlusive
  • hypertension
  • neuritis
  • earlier suicide attempts
  • mental disorders

Alcohol consumption is prohibited during and 14 days after Disulfiram-Esperal treatment. Special caution is necessary if the patient suffers from respiratory diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, kidneys and liver diseases, hypothyroidism, psychosis. The disulfiram effect may strengthen symptom of above mentioned diseases.