Alcoholism treatment requires change of alcohol-addicted person natural environment.

„The patient should face different reality and have different thoughts”.

Detox is required during long-lasting series of alcohol consumtion, which has to be interrupted. Usually the detoxification process lasts 7-10 days. Treatment consists of drips with electrolites and micronutrients. Proper diet  is introduced gradually, in which dominant ingredients are vegetables, fruits, proteins (mostly sea fishes), herbs. We do our best to compose effective and healthy diet and sumplementations.

Sono Med offers also the instant detoxification service, which allows to safety sober in two hours. Farmacological detoxification is limited to minimum necessary scope, depending on patients physical condition and experienced symptoms.

At the same time, at the end of first week of detoxification, we explain to the patient his physical condition and current situation. Patient starts his personal meetings with therapist, aimed to build personal willingness and motivation to break with addiction. Jointly with a therapist, the patient analyse his life and concequences of alcohol addiction.

In order to conduct effective detoxification, we analyse deeply patient’s genetic conditions and peronality.

The patient discovers his negative emotions and converts them into positive direction. We try to eliminate suffering and fears, offer help with insomnia treatment. SONO MED offers also help with medical symptoims treatment, like hypertension and heart disorders.